The Mission

The calming smell of damp earth mingled with the woody scent of luscious trees lingers in the air. A gentle cool breeze brushes against your face. And out of the corner of your eye, a cascading waterfall with crystal clear waters beckons.

Can you imagine our planet without nature’s generous beauty?

While it’s important for the human society to continue progressing, it doesn’t mean having to do so at the expense of our planet’s natural ecosystems. All it takes is a more mindful approach towards our consumption habits, lifestyles and the way we do business.

“Let's make a living from healing the planet, rather than from destroying it.”

We can make a difference, simply by choosing a pro-environmental way of living and working. We can choose to be an agent of change, one small action at a time.

I’m Matthias Gelber (aka the Green Man), and I’m on a mission to start a green revolution in Malaysia. To kick off my campaign, I’m starting with a simple but significant call for action:

To achieve a 10% reduction of electricity consumption in Malaysian households.

Find out more about my campaign plan here. But I need your help to realise my mission. I need YOU to be a part of this. Will you help me make it a reality?

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